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Food Allergy Alliance

Connecting Food Allergy/EoE Families from Around the World

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Our Mission

A place of connection

Food Allergy Alliance is a space where anyone who has food allergies (or EoE) or anyone who is curious about them - parents of children diagnosed, children, teens, friends, or adults - can come together. We encourage you to have honest conversations about difficulties, mentor one another, share ideas, and ask for help when you need it. Together, we can stay positive and healthy despite our challenges.

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Who should join FAA?

Are you a mom or dad of a child newly diagnosed with food allergies? Are you a teen or adult who has grown up with food allergies or EoE? Are you a parent/caregiver of an elementary-aged food allergic child? Does your girlfriend, sibling, or spouse have food allergies or EoE? Food Allergy Alliance is perfect for you! 

What do we do at FAA?

We hold virtual group meetings of about 4 to 6 people every month. One-on-one virtual meetings can be arranged with our group leaders as well, if desired. During these meetings, we discuss all aspects of life with food allergies/EoE - going to school, parenting, social situations, and more. Our group leaders are eager to answer all of your questions!

What makes FAA special?

FAA provides a place of food allergy/EoE connection and support for anyone who needs it. You can come share your experiences, ask for advice, get your questions answered, find recipes, and most importantly, support others! 

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"I have been left speechless from the overwhelming support and guidance I have received from this group."

Amy, a FAA member

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